About Pocket Pedals

For some of us, many of our best childhood memories involved riding a bike, often being the earliest experience of independence, being free to travel fast and explore new places with our friends. Pocket Pedals were created out of a need when Karl Birgir, the inventor of Pocket Pedals, was teaching his step-daughter to ride a bike.

What began as short rides quickly became much longer and soon the whole family was out cycling together. Karl would use his Specialized Roubaix for the family rides, but the three of them lived in a small flat in central Reykjavík with little room for many different bikes. Karl’s Roubaix has clipless pedals that he typically uses when cycling long distances or exercising. However, casual rides were now becoming a norm with a new cyclist in the family.


Pocket Pedals clipless pedal adapter about


The clipless pedals quickly proved themselves to be uncomfortable for the family trips. Karl wanted some easy way to swap between using the bike for exercising and for these casual trips, but without needing to invest time and effort into it. After not finding any available solution that satisfied his needs, he decided to design his own solution to this problem. After many iterations and trials, a unique type of pedal adapter was born. They were intended as a 3D printed solution just for Karl’s own personal use and soon the adapter was used for every one of Karl’s casual trips and trip to work. Before long, the solution quickly caught the attention of other cyclists.

It became clear that the adapter solved an issue that annoyed many other cycling enthusiasts who were pleased that there was now a neat and simple solution to it. That solution eventually got the name Pocket Pedals and is now available and patented internationally. Pocket Pedals are designed to make the experience of enjoying everyday rides easy and practical. They provide the convenience of switching between pedal types without the need for changing pedals or expending effort and time, allowing you to get more use out of your favorite bike.


Pocket Pedals are patented worldwide. The Pocket Pedals brand and patent are wholly owned by K88 ehf.