“I have been getting my kids into biking and go out with them whenever I get the opportunity

I use regular shoes on those rides but don't like using them on my SPD-SL pedals. I also don't want to have to switch between flat and clipless pedals every time we decide to go for a casual ride.

Now I simply slide on my Pocket Pedals and the bike is conveniently ready in seconds. It's brilliant.”

- Birkir

“My husband and I am very active and participate in every run and cycling race we can find. Our two kids are the same and we regularly go on family cycling trips together.

I have clipless pedals on my bike and I tend to wear cycling shoes when I go biking with the kids since the clipless have no grip.

This is not comfortable on family trips where we frequently make stops along the way. But with Pocket Pedals, my bike is now so much more convenient for those family trips.”

- Berglind

“Although I do like road cycling, I’m primarily a mountain biker and have competed all over, from Europe, to South Africa and the US.

I have owned good number of different types of bikes over the years, but I tend to always ride on clipless pedals and don’t like double-sided pedals.

Sometimes on long trips, you are confronted with a difficult route, such as a steep hill climb. In those cases, I have often wanted to be able to change temporarily to full platform pedals and then change back to clipless. I now have this option with Pocket Pedals.”

- Guðmundur


“My friends and I recently went on a cycling trip to France, where we spent a week cycling through mountains and small towns.

One day, we got lost and cycled off a small country road and onto a busy highway. I was clipped-in and panicked while cycling on the road shoulder. I even got off the bike and walked, too afraid to lose balance by the busy road.

Had I been able to convert my clipless pedals with Pocket Pedals, that experience would have been much more relaxed.”

- Birna